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(for resume purposes, the following programming examples, design examples and web sites (including this one and everything on supermelf.com) were done by Melissa Fedak)


My Portfolio:


  • JAVA
    • Here is a Java game I wrote. I call it MelfBlock, but it is based off the game Breakout where the player's goal is to break all the blocks with the ball as it bounces up and down. The speed can be changed and the higher the speed, the greater the score. I plan to add multiple levels later.

      Play MelfBlock
      View MelfBlock Source

        Here is a screenshot:

    • Here are two JavaScript games I created from scratch just for fun:


        Casino-style Blackjack. See the Games page for rules, features, and program quirks. Click the image to play!

      Kanji Game

        For those of you studying Japanese, this is a challenge designed to hone your kanji recognition skills. You can go from kanji to english or vice versa - also from kana to either - in a variety of levels. More information on Japanese recognition for your browser is on this page. Click image to play.


        I had a project at work where, for one section, I needed to build some functional sliders in javascript and HTML. Voila! Click the image to see a demo of the sliders in action.

    • This is a logo I developed in Adobe Illustrator for Wire & Whimsy as seen at http://www.wireandwhimsy.com

      Hiroshima Driver's License Course Map

        I created this annotated driving course in Illustrator from scratch based off a paper map. Click on it to get full-sized version.

    • This is a title image I developed in Fireworks using my own photographs for a future site intended for foreign residents of Hiroshima, Japan

  • XSLT / XML

  • PHP
    • I wrote a very simple PHP guestbook here:
      View Source

    • I wrote a program to calculate lottery numbers in the New Zealand lottery using Delphi, which is a visual development kit for Pascal. Although the program is fairly simple, it is entirely self-contained including the installer CD which I also created.

      The right screen shot is an animation.

      The bottom screen shot is a database which can be added to.

  • C
    • Chesslet

      This is a silly little gamelet I did just to get back into 'C' again and to keep busy when work was slow. Basically, the point of the game is to checkmate the lone black king on the other side. I imagine Chesslet to be used to practice endgames. To help achieve this end, the game shows you every space on the board you have protected. If the space is red, the king cannot move there, because it would be suicide. You can choose what pieces you start with (the computer player only starts with a king) then, beginning with all pieces in start position, you play out the game. NOTE: This game is very small and not meant as a serious project.

      - Download here (for Windows; 77KB)

      Here are some screenshots:


      Rook & Knight As Starting Pieces, Bishop & Pawn As Starting Pieces
      The Starting Piece Chooser

  • WEBSITES (HTML, JavaScript, and Fireworks)
    • Riverrun Designs - http://www.riverrun.us

      This page I created for Riverrun Designs was a several-month project for a businesswoman wanting to put her small home-run business online. Some very unique hand-made products including cabinet knobs are on this page as well as a generous listing of rock and mineral types with both physical and metaphysical descriptions. This page was hand-coded in HTML and JavaScript.

  • MY ONLINE BOOK (and Website)

  • Links: This is my brother's website.... I gave him a bit of html instruction and he took off running and now he can do all this random stuff that I don't have a clue how to do. How does he do that? Anyway, if you want far too much stimulation, click here:

    4 Jack the Pyro's website