Hello and welcome to a little thing I like to call...


...where you can interactively test your knowledge of Japanese.



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Sometimes, if you go to a Japanese site (like www.yahoo.co.jp), your browser will automatically ask if you want to download the proper component if you do not already have it, which is a good way to get what you need.


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About Kanji Challenge:
The kanji and meanings come from a variety of standard sources. So far, all of the beginner kanji, many intermediate, and a few advanced kanji are input. I was hoping that eventually, all 1,945 Joyo Kanji would be represented, but they have not been all inputted. However several hundred, especially the most common, are available. Test yourself from Beginner to Expert levels in English to Kanji, Kanji to English, and vice versa. I wrote this purely for fun and to improve my own skills in both Javascript and Kanji so I hope it is as helpful for you as it was to me!

Thanks for visiting!